The Hu-Fi Movement Is Here

The adventure Begins

WE CAN change the way we do business for the better. How? By using EOS and EOSIO to create liquidity through fully-backed, zero interest loans created by an EOS user to another EOS user. We have taken the first step to prove it is possible, EOS Micro Loan and EOS Market Place are examples of this.

This is the second step. By using EOS Template One, any EOS account holder will be able to have their own webpage and host payments using EOS using the stable pricing of US Federal Reserve Dollars as the price equivalent. What does this mean? The price of $10.00 will remain the same no matter the price of EOS or the price of the corresponding user’s fiat.

What does this website provide? A template that any user independent of tech savviness can use to upload code to the EOS mainnet. The images are hosted in the decentralized IPFS system and the template helps making this possible. All code created by the template is seamlessly gathered, compressed, and uploaded. Within seconds, you will have your own website. Please note that the corresponding transactions will be using the eosmarketplc, eosmicrofund smart contracts. This means that there is a corresponding 1% fee charged to the lender only that will be shared as follows:

0.50% to eosmicrofund – The Hu-Fi Foundation.
0.25% to divmicrofund using rexmicrofund – This is the community’s account.
0.25% to mlstakingsys – This is shared daily to all MLT stakers at the closing of the 24-hour round.

The lender and payer will each get MLT at the current rate of 1 MLT to each for each $10.00 payment. If you are feeling altruistic, please send your MLT to burn.mlt. This will permanently remove the MLT from circulation. Please vote for the partnership of WE CAN and EOS Micro Loan/EOS Market Place. Please use our proxy vote.mlt or our BP account bppgl.mlt. Together WE CAN make human generated finances, Hu-Fi, a reality.

EOS Template One Terms of Use

As a condition to accessing or using the Services or the Site, you, the User, represent and warrant to Hu-Fi Global, Inc., hereinafter called Hu-Fi, the following: